community microgrid
community microgrid
community microgrid

BMU & CMU manage the battery pack and battery string respectively, conduct comprehensive and real-time measurement and protection for the lithium battery in the energy storage system, and provide measurement data such as single battery voltage, single battery temperature, battery pack connecting cable pole temperature, battery string voltage battery string current, battery string residual capacity (SOC), insulation monitoring, as well as fan, contactor and circuit breaker control functions, Support the fixed value overrun logic interlocked with the process of BESS & microgrid dispatching control terminal to achieve the protection of battery.

Cell Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±5 mV Battery String Voltage Measurement Range 50~1,500V
Cell Voltage Monitoring Interval ≤500ms Battery String Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±1%
Cell Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2℃ Battery String Voltage Monitoring Interval ≤200ms
Cell Temperature Measurement Interval ≤3s Battery String Current Measurement Range ±400A
Cell Current Balance Active Balance,5A MAX Battery String Current Measurement Accuracy ≤1%
Cell Voltage Measurement Range 1~4.95 V Battery String Current Monitoring Interval ≤50ms
Over-current Protection 250A/1s SOC Calculation Accuracy ≤8%
Short-Circuit Protection 500A/10ms Input Insulation Resistance ≥10MΩ,1,000VDC

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