C&I Energy Storage System
C&I Energy Storage System
C&I Energy Storage System

Battery String-10

PowerCombo-C10 is a distributed energy storage system with a capacity of 430kWh and is suitable for supporting small C&I loads and power output moving average generated from new energies. This equipment adopts a prefabricated structure with 10-foot standard containers and a modular design. Two sets of S215 battery storage units, PCS, transformers, fire protection units, environmental monitoring units are neatly integrated inside a container. Through flexible deployment, it can be delivered and go into operation rapidly, providing strong power support and substantial economic benefits for users.

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C&I Energy Storage System


  • Supports on/off-grid operation;
  • Low rate charge and discharge features;
  • Intelligent design that enables both local and cloud-based management and dispatch;
  • Advanced temperature control technology and optimized air duct design, The temperature difference between batteries in the container is less than 5℃;
  • Adopts a three-tier monitoring and management mechanism for batteries and a protection strategy in cases of emergencies;
  • Employs the core patented technology of GridPoint Controller to provide status notifications and alarm alerts by monitoring in real-time and improve safety in the system;
C&I Energy Storage System

Capacity Compensation

In the case that the user-side load is higher than the capacity coming from the grid, PowerCombo-C10 employs a dispatch strategy to automatically compensate capacity to the power distribution system and improve the voltage quality on the user side.

C&I Energy Storage System

Load Shifting

Store energy in off-peak hours and release during on-peak hours, to reduce electricity costs by partially replacing expensive on-peak electricity.

C&I Energy Storage System

Sizable Income

Establish good interactions with the power grid partners by getting involved in demand response programs. Contribute to reduce peak load and get incentives from the grid.

C&I Energy Storage System

Output Curve Moving Average

Ensure that renewable energy can be easily dispatched. PowerCombo-C10 will release energy when in need, to shave load spikes and reduce the use of grid power during peak hours.

C&I Energy Storage System

Better Utilization of Renewable Electricity Generation

Fully leverage the flexible energy storage system to increase the consumption of electricity generated from renewable energy sources and reduce the curtailment of wind and solar power, so as to alleviate the stress on the grid during peak and valley hours.

C&I Energy Storage System

Backup Power Supply

PowerCombo-C10 can be used as a backup power supply in the event of a sudden power outage. The discharge mode will be instantly switched on to offer support to critical loads and safeguard the normal operation of critical loads.

C&I Energy Storage System

Three-tier battery management mechanism

Mitigate the points of failure and prevent batteries from over-charging, over-discharging and over-current

C&I Energy Storage System

High-quality battery materials

Selecting batteries from top global brands with TUV and UL certifications

C&I Energy Storage System

More effective thermal management solutions

Conducting simulation analysis on the operating temperature of batteries under complex physical conditions

C&I Energy Storage System

Real-time protection

7*24h panoramic online monitoring and multilevel emergency response strategies

Item Data
DC Data Cell type Square Shell LFP
DC rated energy capacity 430kWh
Cell life cycle >3500cycles@1C,25℃
Rated voltage 768V
AC Data Rated AC power 250kW
Rated AC voltage 400V
Maximum AC power 275kW
Nominal Output voltage 400V
General Data Dimension w/o clearances (L*W*H) 2,991*2,438*2,591mm
Weight of whole system <10MT
Degree of protection IP54
Operating temperature Range -20~40℃
Max working altitude 3,000m/9,842ft
Fire extinguisher system HFC bottle group
Communication interfaces RS485, Ethernet, GPRS
Communication protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP