Energy Storage Unit
Energy Storage Unit
Energy Storage Unit

Battery String-S138

Energy Storage Unit

Battery String-S138 is a smart and user-friendly energy storage system, developed by Cubenergy. It consists of a high-voltage unit and 15 standard battery packs (P9). The maximum capacity of the entire battery string stands at 138kWh. The SMU in the high-voltage unit enables the effective management of the entire battery cluster and helps to improve the safety performance and cycle life of the system throughout the entire operation lifespan. It is ideal in various scenarios such as PV + Storage, micro-grid, and backup power supply.


  • With LiFePO4 being used as cathode materials for cells, it has sound safety performance and long cycle life;
  • Modular design, compact size, flexible installation and configuration, strong scalability;
  • The battery modules are easy to insert and remove. Front-facing operation and maintenance are made possible across all procedures. Operation and maintenance costs are low;
  • This system is equipped with comprehensive protection strategies and a fault-response mechanism;
  • It supports the parallel operation of multiple battery clusters and DC incoming busbar logic protection and control;
  • Optimal air cooling, which provides a sound operating environment for batteries;
  • Low energy consumption, ability to store energy for up to 6 months without charging, free of memory effect, excellent performance in shallow charge and discharge;
  • Excellent discharge performance and long cycle life;

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Item Data
Battery String-S138 RACK Battery cell capacity 90Ah
Rated cell voltage 3.2V
Rack nominal capacity 138KWh
Rated rack voltage 768V
String measuring voltage range 100~1,000 V
S138-High Voltage Unit Circuit breaker 160A~250A
Hall sensor 300A
Leakage current sensor 50mA
Fuse 250A
BESS Controller Power AC voltage & frequency AC220V,50/60Hz.
Grid control application Time shifting, peak shaving, renewable moving average
Off-grid control application Backup power, PV/DG/EV/ESS integrated micro-grid control
Battery management system DC busbar incoming control
Dimensions (W*D*H ) 800*750*2,050mm
Weight 1,430kg
String cycle life ≥5,000 cycles@0.5C, 25℃
Communication Ethernet,CAN,RS485
Certifications UL 1973, IEC 62619, UN38.3, CE

The safety of our system is ensured by

Energy Storage Unit

The prismatic aluminum-shell LFP battery cells are equipped with cover plates with explosion-proof valves, which ensures sound safety performance.

Energy Storage Unit

Battery cells from top global brands with TUV and UL certifications.

Energy Storage Unit

Simulation analysis under complex physical conditions is conducted to improve the thermal management system for batteries.

Energy Storage Unit

7*24h all-round monitoring and three-tier safety protection strategy.