Community Microgrid & Islands Microgrid System

Many remote sites across the world don’t have access to reliable sources of electricity or aren’t connected to power grids at all. To produce electricity, these islands rely heavily on expensive fossil fuels that are uncertain and harmful to both the environment and community members. The declining cost of renewable generation and battery energy storage systems (BESS) offers new energy options.

Cubenergy FlexCombo solution is the combination of BESS and smart automation systems, which unlocks lower-cost energy while increasing the use of renewables in rural district, remote areas and islands. The Flexcombo solution offers reliable microgrid and energy storage tailored to suit the ecological sensitivities of remote site economies. The solution helps the people harness locally available resources to generate power and gives them the ability to manage and control these distributed energy resources.

Community Microgrid &
                            Islands Microgrid System


The FlexCombo-M30 household microgrid solution can combine the solar power generation technology with the electric energy storage and release technology perfectly.


The FlexCombo-M50 community microgrid solution can help residents/small business owners get rid of the roaring noise and thick black smoke of diesel generators and create a quiet and clean energy environment.


The FlexCombo-M100 village microgrid solution can bring long-awaited electricity to villagers in remote areas.


The FlexCombo-M250 district microgrid solution allows users in islands and blocks to obtain strong voltage support and high-quality power quality at a small cost.


The FlexCombo-M500 district microgrid solution can extend and alleviate or even eliminate the demand for transformation and upgrading of power transmission and distribution facilities.