off grid residential solar power systems
off grid residential solar power systems
off grid residential solar power systems

The FlexCombo-M30 household microgrid solution can combine the solar power generation technology with the electric energy storage and release technology perfectly, sucesessfully building up a independent solar energy storage system. Not only helping households/small business owners use clean renewable energy efficiently, but also effectively reducing the increasing electricity costs. More and more households/small businesses can even become power suppliers with the support of FlexCombo-M30, so as to get rid of their passive and disadvantaged status in energy costs in the past, thus avoiding the unfavorable situation of energy shortage and the substantial increase in electricity prices, entering the new world of clean and circular energy.

off grid residential solar power systems


  • Affordable ESS for reliable power supply;
  • Seamless integration with PV system, DG and grid;
  • Ease of installation & configuration;
  • Charge/discharge combined efficiency up to 86%;
  • Longer life span with 10 years performance warranty;
  • Local HMI & Cloud-Based EMS;
  • IP65 enclosure with All-in-One design.

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off grid residential solar power systems
off grid residential solar power systems

Key benefits

  • It can use solar energy efficiently and significantly reduce electricity costs, which is clean and environmentally friendly;
  • It can be used as an emergency power source to provide energy protection in extreme cases such as grid power interruptions and severe weather conditions;
  • It can help users master the initiative in energy prices;
  • It can monitor the operation intelligently and automatically 24 hours a day without maintenance.
Item M30-64 M30-128
DC data
Battery chemisty Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Cell life cycle 80% Retention with 5,000 Cycles @ 1C 25℃
Cell spec 3.2V/90Ah
Rack rated energy capacity 64kWh 128kWh
Rated voltage 358.4V
AC data
Rated AC power 30kW
Rated grid voltage 400V
Grid voltage range ±15%
AC rate of current 43A
General data
Dimension w/o clearances(L*W*H) 1,850*1,300*2,591mm
Weight of whole system <4T
Degree of protection IP54
Operating temperature range -20~40℃
Max working altitude 3,000m/9,842ft
Communication interfaces RS485, Ethernet, GPRS
Certificates IEC62619, UN38.3, CE, UL1973