Cubenergy helps Honeywell improve energy efficiency

August 3, 2020

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy. Honeywell SPS factory in Suzhou China is one of the biggest Scanning and Mobility facility in the group has implemented the rooftop solar power system to maximize renewable energy consumption. However, The PV system, due to the intermittent and unstable nature of the PV power generation system, Combined with the weather and sunshine duration, is suffering the low yield rate and high demand charge.

Cubenergy was selected as the solution provider to implement a 500kW/2MWh pre-engineered, all-in-one designed stationary energy storage system (SESS) in Oct 2019. The SESS delivered a significant result during the first six months, and over $45,000 was saved by using control strategies of time-shifting, moving average and peak demand shaving.