Cubenergy helped Pearl River Beer optimize its power cost

June 5, 2020

At the end of May 2020, Pearl River Beer Group Co.,Ltd (PRBG) in Nansha, Guangzhou,completed a two-year periodical operation performance evaluation of the Battery Energy Storage + PV System. Delivered by Cubenergy, The BESS was put into operation in March 2018 and has been safe run for more than 800 days up to date. During the whole period, scheduled standby maintenance was carried out once (less than 4 hours) and there was only once spare part replacement done in more than 2 years. The effective online rate of the system attained to 99%, helping save 4.8% in total electricity costs.

The BESS is installed in the largest facility of PRBG, with an annual production of nearly 1 million kiloliters. The main process load curve of the production was saccharification, fermentation and sterilization processes. A solution of 500kW/1.488MWh BESS was designed and manufactured by Cubenergy, to integrate with existing 4.19MWp PV system, and improve PV power utilization rate against total power consumption accordingly.