Cubenergy' s Efforts on Clean Energy

December 1, 2020

To meet the ever-increasing challenges of environmental problems and to control the global average temperature rise within 2°C compared to the pre-industrial period, it is most effective to replace traditional energy widely by renewable energy. However, renewable energy is volatile, largely depending on the weather, geographic location, duration and other factors, which are hard to predict and manage, adding difficulty to smooth integration of renewable energy sources into power grids.

As a pioneer on global sustainable energy development, Cubenergy has been researching seamless integration of renewable energy and smart grids. PowerCombo and FlexCombo Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) were designed by Cubenergy to realize such a smooth integration. PowerCombo and FlexCombo are modularized and containerized systems using Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP), monitored and controlled by Cubenergy's self-developed embedded EMS in the entire life span to optimize renewal energy generation and transmission, making BESS single trip efficiency ≥96%, and service life exceed 15 years.

In remote areas, rural districts and islands, with limited access to national grid, renewable energy is a low-cost and environmental-friendly solution. FlexCombo BESS is an organic component in a microgrid system. Through the deployment of FlexCombo, the microgrid system generates a clean and dispatchable energy locally. FlexCombo BESS offers reliable microgrid and energy storage tailored to suit the ecological sensitivities of remote site economies.

PowerCombo BESS is extensively applied to C&I and Utility scale applications including peak shaving, time shifting, data center backup power, virtual power plants, frequency regulation, secondary reserve, and Internet + smart energy etc.

With the rapid growth of public environmental awareness in recent years, more and more incorporates have been committed to contribute to carbon neutral. By installing Cubenergy PowerCombo and FlexCombo BESS, Honeywell, Henkel, Fuji Electric, Bitossi and other more than 80 incorporates have reduced carbon emission greatly and achieved considerable economic benefits.

As a technology company heavily involved in battery energy storage for years, Cubenergy will be committed to manufacturing advanced energy storage systems, providing powerful support to poor, remote areas as well as C&I and Utility scale customers, to reduce global carbon footprint.

Should you have any inquiries on Cubenergy ESS products, please feel free to contact our sales representative globally.