Trust with Cubenergy: Hisense Air Conditioning Phase III

October 12,2020

In October 2020,Cubenergy reached an agreement with Hisense Group(Hisense), a global leader in manufacturing high-end air conditioners, to provide a one-stop-shop and turnkey solution of an Energy Storage System(ESS) phase III, which phase I and Phase II ESS were also designed, manufactured, constructed and commissioned by Cubenergy.

Hisense, as a global advocate of quality life, values the importance of energy efficiency. In order to fulfil its commitment in reducing carbon footprint and to carry out a green model of its business activities, Hisense have totally deployed PV+Storage systems of 1.5MW/5.58MWh Cubenergy PowerCombo ESS and 9.2MWp PV in its production bases since 2017 by three phases. Through years of operation of the system, integrating PV and ESS, significant return on the investment has been achieved and Hisense has been closer to its target of social responsibility to reduce carbon emission.

Phase III ESS project is one with battery power/capacity at 0.5MW/2.3MWh and is deployed in Hisense Jiangmen production base. Different from the previous two phases, phase III adopted a high-density battery solution by using EVE battery cell of 105Ah. Tope air duct design was also improved ensuring best performance of the ESS during its life span. The phase III ESS was commissioned and connected to the grid on 3rd Nov. 2020.

As a pioneer and expert in Battery Energy Storage System design and manufacturing, Cubenergy will continuously upgrade existing products and developed new products to meet future market rquirement. Up to this moment, Cubenergy has manufactured, EPC and O&M ESS for more than 100 enterprises worldwide, helping in improving energy quality and efficiency. Cubenergy commits to manufacturing advanced energy storage systems, providing powerful support to poor, remote areas as well as C&I and Utility scale customers, to contribute to global carbon footprint reduction.