How FlexCombo Energy Storage System Create Value in Intelligent Microgrid

September 16,2021

The intelligent microgrid is a power supply system that consists of distributed power sources, distributed energy storage system, and energy management modules. Together with the load, it forms an independent power supply system. The intelligent microgrid is completely solving the contradiction between large power grids and distributed power sources.

There are two typical operation modes of intelligent micro-grid: grid-tied operation mode and off-grid mode. Under normal conditions, the microgrid is connected to the conventional distribution network. However, when grid failures or low power quality is detected, the intelligent microgrid will be disconnected from the grid in time and operate independently.

In the conversion of these two modes, microgrid often has a certain power shortage. In this case, installing a certain energy storage device in the system to store energy can ensure the smooth transition between these two modes and ensure the system's stability. In the power generation of new energy, there is often no power output due to external conditions.

In wind power and photovoltaic power generation, the change of wind speed and photovoltaic irradiance will make the power fluctuate, which will further cause the power quality of the system declines. Energy storage devices can improve the voltage quality and frequency of renewable energy power generation, which is an effective way to increase the security and stability of micro-grids and large power grids.

During an intelligent microgrid operation, the energy storage system is an important part of adjusting the performance of an intelligent microgrid supply, ensuring the quality of load power supply, and restraining system vibration. To solve the problems of dynamic power quality such as voltage sag, instantaneous power supply interruption, the energy storage system must continuously supply power to the users in the system.

People have developed various forms of energy storage system. The energy storage sysgem mainly divided into chemical energy storage and physical energy storage. As one of the most effective ways to store energy, the series of FlexCombo plays an important part in modern energy storage.

FlexCombo-M30 intelligent microgrid system is a better energy storage system with the feature of economical and multi-functional for residential and small types of commercial applications. FlexCombo-M30 realizes seamless integration with the photovoltaic system, DG, and grid. It has a complete failure protection mechanism and can improves the use efficiency of solar energy. After deployment, the overall charge and discharge efficiency is up to 86%.